Organic Photo Film Borders

Organic Photo Film Borders

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A Selection of 60 Different
Film Negative Borders.

Stylize your digital photos with a beautiful scanned film look and stand out with my new Organic Photo Film Borders.
Created & developed in collaboration with fine art photographer, Jakob de Boer.

The most authentic Film Borders
on the market.

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All examples are digital photos with Organic Film Borders + Overlays applied.

4 Iconic Film Stocks

Kodak 400 (35mm Film)

Kodak 400 (120 Film)

Kodak 800 (120 Film)

Kodak Tri-X (B&W 35mm Film)

Ultra-High Resolution

60 PNG Files (44 Singles & 16 Negative Strips)

Photo Background Pre-Removed

8,000+ px Resolution Files

An Authentic Edge

Since film is an organic material, we embraced its imperfections. The interior of a Film Negative Rebate is not naturally a perfect straight line.

I wanted to give you the most authentic film-look on the market, so we kept the imperfections along the edges of the border so it seamlessly infuses with your image.

Easy To Implement

Drag & Drop the PNG file into Photoshop or any photo editing software and set your blend mode.

Organic Film Borders

Transform your work and give tyourself that iconic film look.

Regular price $39
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