Podcast Presets For An
Exceptional Sound

Award-Winning Sound

I was honored to win a Webby Award for Best Sound Design & Original Music in a Podcast.

These presets reflect the same processing that I used to win this Webby. You can get the best & achieve Award-Winning sound in just a few clicks.

Better Audio Quality = More Listeners.

Preset Overview Video

Hear The Difference

BEFORE: Raw audio recorded at -12db into DAW
AFTER: Podcast Voice Processing Preset applied

✓ No third-party plugins

✓ Cleans up 'Muddy' sound

✓ Balances your mix / voices

✓ High-quality audio attracts new listeners

✓ Award-Winning sound in just a few clicks

Save 30% Bundled

Paired together, achieve the best sound possible.